Today, Coke launched our new digital magazine, Coca-Cola Journey.  You can read all about “the why” here, but I wanted to use this post to share a bit about “the how”.

Our journey began more than a year ago, when our Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent challenged us to resurrect Journey, Coca-Cola’s former internal magazine.  Published from 1987 until 1997, Journey’s high quality editorial and gorgeous art made it a hit in the pre-Internet era.  It was clear that we needed to bring the magazine back in a digital format, but we didn’t want to create a destination from scratch.  We also decided that it was time to take these stories outside of our four walls and share them with you.  After an audit of our owned websites, we settled on reimagining our Company page.  You might think it’s an odd choice, but this page is actually the most-trafficked website at Coca-Cola.  With more than 1.2 million unique visitors a month, it rivals some news sites.

We kicked off visual design in January, and development began in March.  We have two exceptional partners on this journey, The Wonderfactory and Perfect Sense Digital.  The Wonderfactory helped us create the site’s look and feel, and was instrumental in helping us visualize the redefinition of the corporate web.  Perfect Sense Digital helped us create the workflow to create, aggregate and curate content, and to transform ourselves into a true digital publisher.

Coca-Cola Journey consists of 674 article pages and 772 asset pages.  For launch, our team of original contributors created more than 80 original pieces.  We uploaded 715 images to pair with content, and there are an additional 523 downloadable hi-res images for media use.  Finally, we posted and categorized 5,354 YouTube videos.

Journey Before and After

Before and After Shots of The Coca-Cola Company Website

Today’s launch has been a year in the making.  But it’s only the beginning of our journey, not the end.  Tomorrow we start work on the rest of our roadmap, and we look forward to hearing from you along the way.

Ashley Brown is Director of Digital Communications and Social Media at The Coca-Cola Company.