These hot dogs are looking very human in their attempts to beat the heat. From dock dogs to Coke-drinking canines and pooches who prefer wind in their hair, these fetching photos capture the dog days of summer and top out a few of our favorite reader-submitted photos. 

Doggie pool

Mike McKenna sent this photo of a hot summer day in Weybridge, Vermont.


Christine Wooddall shares: "My dog, Lucy loves to go for a ride in the car and feel the wind in her hair. This is her one afternoon wearing her 'Doggles' for eye safety. It makes me laugh every time. I hope others feel the same way."


According to Isabella Calaza, "Summer in France is great for Napo: a time for running outside, meeting with his girlfriend and enjoying a personalized Coke!"

Lily Mae

"Lily Mae loves everything about summer!" says Courtneywel. "From drooling at barbecues to swimming laps in her pool, the only way she can cool off is with Coca-Cola!"


Jessica Hill tells us: "Ellie is a 7 month old hound/great pyrenees mix who loves to roll in the grass and run around her yard."


Steve Rice sends us this picture of his dog Daisy on the dock. "She is having a blast!" he says.


Says @MalikaGhosh: "We love our 4 year old 'Vince.' He is a special member of our family and helps us celebrate life everyday, not just the Dog Days of Summer! By the way, he actually enjoys a chilled Coca-Cola too!"

There's still time to retrieve your best pics and videos for our summer slideshow series. As we enter the hottest month in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re celebrating the dog days of summer with snapshots of man’s best friend. Whether you have a good dog, a bad dog or just a hot dog, we know that whatever they’re doing, it’s making you smile. So send us your dog-on silliest, quirkiest, happiest moments to share. Submit your photos here.